About Us

Qatar Rockwool and Mineral Fibers Factory is the first company of its kind in Qatar. We produce Rockwool, which is an insulation material, that is beneficial in several ways. Whether it’s thermal insulation, acoustic insulation or even fire safe insulation, Rockwool is your solution.

First Factory in Qatar

Qatar Rockwool and Mineral Fibers Factory is the first Factory to establish Rockwool in Qatar. It will participate in several upcoming projects and ensure efficiency throughout all projects. QMF can cover houses, buildings, complexes and even lands, with rockwool.

Mission and Vision

QRW is manufacturing company producing Rockwool products; Pioneers in Rockwool industry in the
Qatari market. We are supporting/being a part of Qatar 2030 vision by satisfying the Qatari market need
by national producers. Our responsibility is to introduce a value-based environment for our human
capital and society as well as producing environmentally friendly products.


To be the first choice for Qatar and Gulf customers in Rockwool products by always keeping QRW values top of mind.


The process of Rockwool is quite intricate, to ensure its safety and its efficiency. Rockwool is wool that is made of molten rocks. Stones are melted in a cupola furnace at 1500 Degrees Celsius and it is then shaped into fibres. The artistic factor about Rockwool is that it can be shaped in any possible way needed, enabling it to be used in several different functions.
-Once the stones are heated and spun into fibres, other chemicals are added to it to enhance its usage, such as thermal conductivity, water repellency, color and softness.


Thermal Insulation

Rockwool maintains a very high melting point which makes fire a lot more slower to spread across a room/building

Water Resistant

Rockwool is water repellant, which is moisture resistant yet vapor permeable.

Acoustic Insulation

Noise will no longer be an issue with rockwool’s capability to diminish noise in a room

Why Rockwool?


Minimal Environmental Impact

Long term performance

Anti-bacterial Growth

Thermal Insulation

Acoustic Insulation

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